Hmmmm....seems like the USPSTF may slowly be coming around. Very slowly.

Very interesting read:

The take home point from this article is crystal clear, though unspoken. The United States Preventive Services Task Force is admitting that they were wrong. They are expanding their recommendations so that others can benefit from cancer screenings. Previously they only recommended CT of the chest for a small population of ex-smokers. What changed? Are younger people and those that smoked less just now developing greater risks of cancer? No! Rather, the USPSTF claims there is more evidence now. Ah ha! Is there more evidence, or are they just now discovering that evidence? It's clearly only a matter of time before they find MORE evidence that almost EVERYONE would benefit from screening.

Someday there will be a transparent conversation about how screening is really about money. As a society, we don't yet value other people's individual health so much that we want to expend resources on small improvement's in their mortality / morbidity. And I get that. We don't have unlimited resources and never will. But instead of acknowledging that, the powers that be in healthcare "pretend" that they are rationally evaluating all the data, and then making policy based upon what's best for an individual. That's BS! They use "false positives" and "unnecessary anxiety" as excuses when it reality it is about money! And there is a big difference.

I don't think Medicare should cover screenings, rather give everyone back $$$$ and let them make and pay for their own screening decisions.

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